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      Growing Joy and Hope 

Come and join us, as we explore who God is, 

and how we can encounter and grow in Him.

June 11th 2023

Sermon Series:

Greatest Storyteller

1:  The Four Soils


  Book of Common Prayer

Holy Communion 

Preaching: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford

Breakfast between the services


 Morning Service 
with Holy Communion 
& The Spring

Leading: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Preaching: Alison Parker
Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Prayers: Hilary Turner


Sunday Evenings 6pm - 7pm

Come and join us as we seek 

God's presence and guidance for our Church

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8.50am Morning Prayer - Monday to Friday

Morning Prayer

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Pippa Ponders

Yesterday in our services we were considering the Trinity – the fact that our God is one God, but three persons  - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 We used this image to help us reflect on each person within the Godhead.




The Father, signified by the heart, so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life and life in all its fullness now. Jesus, His Son, came as a small baby into the world to show us what God in flesh is like, and to offer us forgiveness. The Father, in His love for us, sent the Son, Jesus, to live among us, to die on the cross and rise again.

 Jesus, signified by the hand, came as a small baby into the world to show us what God in flesh is like, and to offer us forgiveness that we might know the love of God. He showed us the way to share God’s love through words, works and wonders.

 The person of the Holy Spirit, signified by the feather as He descended on Jesus like a dove at His Baptism. Holy Spirit was sent by the Father and the Son to live within followers of Jesus to empower us to share God’s love. He, the Holy Spirit, brings peace, compassion, wholeness, strength, life and power.

 This loving community within God reminds us that we were made from the loving community within God and to live in community.

 So how can we extend the Father’s love to others?

How can we be Jesus’ hands and feet – sharing the love of God through words, works of love and wonders – praying for miracles and expecting them too?

How can we live Holy Spirit empowered lives brining his peace and compassion into the situations we face every day?

 How do we live well as a community here at St Michael’s and how do we extend the love of our triune God into our local community.

We offered free hugs and encouragement to people on Park Street on Saturday afternoon – a small act of demonstrating the love of God which has mighty power. The whole atmosphere on the street changes every time we do this. It takes courage to go and do this each time and yet people on the street encouraged us not to stop but to persevere as they could see the benefit it brings.

 Maybe that feels a little too challenging to be involved in but then perhaps thinking about the expression Pay it Forwards might help.

 The idea behind that is that if you have received some form of blessing from someone else, then you use that opportunity to bless someone else.

We are recipients of God’s love and grace and so why would we not want to Pay that Forwards and share that with others?

 Take time with God this week and ask Him what you can do to Pay His love Forwards to others.

                                               with love, 


Rev'd Pippa Ford, Vicar at St Michaels Church Camberley


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