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Please note that we are suggesting that people do not park under the cedar tree by the entrance to the church, where branches have recently fallen. We are awaiting a tree survey.

8th Sunday after TRINITY

25th July 2021


8:30am BCP

Holy Communion in Church

Presiding: Revd Anne Mitchell
Preaching: Revd Pippa Ford


 Morning Service and Communion

in Church 

and The Spring

Join us in church, or watch the livestream   
 Preaching: Revd. Pippa Ford

Presiding: Revd Anne Mitchell

Leading: Glenn Turner

For anyone in church who would like prayer after the service, it will be available in the Hall

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6pm Prayer, Praise 

and Worship Evening

Come and sing with us.

8.50am Morning Prayer - Monday to Friday

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Pippa Ponders

Thank you so much for your continued prayers – I am feeling somewhat better and in fact have written this in advance of a short holiday this week with my family. I do have some further tests coming up so prayers for those would be much appreciated, thank you. Prayer lays down the train tracks for God’s power to move in a situation – it really works – evidenced by the many testimonies we have had in church.

 We are coming to the end of our Kingdom Preaching Series  which  included who is the King, who is invited into His Kingdom and how to live as Kingdom people. Our last one this coming Sunday is ‘How do we extend the Kingdom?’ Then we are having a short series during August on entering God’s rest – something we all need to do and to know that it is God’s heart for us – to rest in Him.

 Both sermon series tie in closely with our Church Development Plan which I mentioned a few weeks ago. The four areas we are focussing on as a church for the next 6-12 months are as follows: Families and Young People, Well Being and Pastoral Care, Joy and Expectation of God’s Wonders, and Whole Life Worship.

Each of these are being explored through two lenses – Growing in our discipleship and increasing the number of believers who come to St Michaels.

There are many different aspects to the plan – it is not just about the preaching or our services, there are many ongoing ministries, new ones being developed and special events too. All of these and everything else we do here at St Michaels is soaked in prayer and follows the leading of God’s Holy Spirit. We don’t want to do good things, we want to join in with the God things that He is bubbling up so that we can be a real beacon of God’s light in our town and in our lives.

 There are many different ways to follow God’s leading – including prayer, bible study and the prompts of the Holy Spirit . New Wine is a Christian movement in the UK that seeks to equip, guide and empower churches through the work of the Holy Spirit,  with great teaching, prayer ministry and worship. They believe, and so do we here at St Michael’s, that the local church is the Hope of the Nation, and can bring real and lasting transformation.

 Normally New Wine holds a large summer event which some from this church have attended in the past.

I have been every year, apart from during the pandemic, since I came back to faith over 16 years ago. Being at the New Wine summer event is a time of going deeper with God, deeper in friendships and  deeper in discipleship. I would love to encourage us as a church to get a group to go together next year. The dates are 23-28th July 2022. For more information see

 This summer because of the pandemic there is an online version called United Breaks Out. This is an ideal opportunity to have a look and see what is involved, between 29th July and 3rd August 2021. New Wine have already released the programme – there are several different morning and evening teaching sessions with worship and prayer and then many seminars on a myriad of topics – the environment, justice, healing, young people etc. Have a look here to whet your appetite.

 It would be wonderful if many of us committed to watch something from United Breaks Out. It is not just a passive activity because  watching on screen does not limit the work of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. I wonder if we might end up with even more exciting testimonies in the ‘What’s God been up to slot?’ because of how God meets with us as we engage with this opportunity. I’d love to hear your stories and feedback on this amazing resource which is freely available for our equipping and encouragement.

 Enjoy the sunshine,

With love,



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