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Come and join us, as we explore who God is, and how we can encounter and grow in Him  

3rd Sunday after TRINITY

20th June





Common Worship: Holy Communion in church

Presiding: Revd Pippa Ford
Preaching: Revd Pippa Ford


 Morning Service in church with The Spring 

Join us in church, or watch the livestream - link is below  
Preaching: Revd Pippa Ford 
Leading: Revd Pippa Ford
Prayers led by Elaine Pavey

For anyone in church who would like prayer after the service,
 it will be available in the Hall

  8.50am Morning Prayer - Monday to Friday

CLICK here for Daily Morning Prayer Zoom at 08.50am.

Tails from the Vicarage

As you can tell from the picture above there are times at the vicarage when my presence is not needed!I suppose I do have a good, deep bark and that can be off putting for some, but I am a big softee, as Sue in the Office would confirm.

The utility room, where I was in this picture, is the coolest part of the house and so often I take myself off into there to cool down, but if the door is shut then the cat flap is very handy for me to check in with what is happening in the kitchen. 

I was getting very excited as it was only a month to go until the Pet Show and Pet Service here. But sadly because of the pandemic, my fun has had to be postponed! It is very hot at the moment though, so perhaps that's not a bad thing as us animals get heat stroke very easily with our fur coats! The plan is to hold the Pet Show on the 18th September and the Pet Service on the 19th September.

I hear there has been much talk about joy in recent services here at St Michael's. I was thinking about those things that bring me joy and maybe some of them might be useful for you. I have to say a stoke or a tummy rub is probably high up on the list. Being touched is so important and I like to put a paw up onto someone's lap to touch them back if I am being stroked! A gentle touch says so much.

Rolling on the lawn, or in the sand on the beach - especially good at getting to those hard to reach itch bits on my back. Children like doing this but I don't often see adults doing roly poly's on the lawn.

Playing with other dogs - chasing, running, playing with balls - for no purpose but fun. Games are so good for relaxing  and taking your mind off of your worries. Wild swimming - finding a wonderful bit of river, or even better the sea. Going and lying down in the cool water, having a paddle or even a swim. My owner even joins me if the river looks clean and clear. But there are times when I find a lovely black, murky bit of water and she doesn't join in the fun then!

I'd love to hear from any other pets in the Parish and maybe a photo could be in next month's Tails from the Vicarage. I've heard there's a lovely dog called Rafferty who comes to our services - maybe you might see him here next time.

Don't forget if you have an animal make sure that they are somewhere cool to lie down in this hot weather and PLEASE don't leave them in the car, not even for five minutes.

                                KEEP EXPECTING JOY EACH DAY AND YOU WILL FIND IT.


Start! A course exploring the journey of life


Why not start your week thinking about the journey of life, especially, but not only, over this last 18 months?  We are meeting on Monday evenings at 7:30pm-9pm to explore together and talk about how faith might impact our journeys.


There are six weeks starting on 14th June – if you miss week one or even two it is still not too late to join in.


Session one: What’s life all about? Where am I going? What’s the point of it all?

Session two: Is there really a god? And if there is, what is he like?

Session three: The mess of life – what’s gone wrong with the world?

Session four: Who was Jesus? How can someone who lived 2000 years ago be relevant to my life now?

Session five: What was Good Friday really about? How does Jesus’ death make a difference to me today?

Session six: Where do we go next with our journey?

Please see the church calendar for Zoom links Button


Live Stream:

Upcoming Dates for your Diaries
20th June - Coffee/Tea after the service in the Hall
27th June - Church BBQ after service - do sign up asap
4th July - Living with Loss Service - 3pm
18th September - Pet Show and Garden Party
19th September - Pet Service 3pm - please note new date

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We invite you to join us for prayer

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Sue is fantastic and is already making a great difference in the Office and we are absolutely delighted to have her join the team here at St Michael's.
Do pray for her and give her a warm welcome.
Thank you to those who have already done so. 
She will be coming to one of our 10.30am services in July to say hello to everyone.

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Parish Office Opening Times: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm

  Phone:  01276 23602 

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Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms & all Pastoral needs 

Vicar,  Revd Pippa Ford

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Here is our Safeguarding Statement from 28 May 2020.  

The PCC of St Michael's is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community. Particular regard is given to the care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults.  We are fully committed to the protocols set by the Diocese. Diocesan Safeguarding Advice is available from:-Jackie Broadfoot on 07918 559387. For further information please see the Diocesan Safeguarding website.

Safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults is very important to us. You can read about our safeguarding policy (including contact details for our Safeguarding Officer) here  

Lone working policy  Click the link

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