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Come and join us, as we explore who God is, and how we can encounter and grow in Him  

Easter 6

Sunday 9th May

He is risen

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Morning Service with Communion
and the Spring

at 10:30am in church 

Join us in church, or watch the livestream - link is below  
Preaching: Revd Wilf Jones
Leading: Revd Pippa Ford
Presiding: Revd Anne Mitchell
Prayers: Elaine

For anyone in church who would like prayer after the service,
 it will be available in the Hall

Ascension Day
Thursday 13th May

Evening Service with Communion 
at 7:30pm in church

Come and discover why the Ascension of Jesus is such good news!

Ascension Day is the start of Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer initiative for the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost. Take a booklet in church this Sunday or on Ascension Day to join in.

Thy Kingdom Come

Let's commit to praying for 5 friends or family members who don't yet know the love of God, and pray for them each day for 10 days between Ascension this coming Thursday, and Pentecost on 23rd May.

APCM and Electoral Roll

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held on Sunday 23rd May in church following the morning service. 

The annual revision to the Electoral Roll will take place prior to the APCM. Please let Glenn Turner know by 8th May if you would like to be added, or if your details need to be amended.

For further information about the Electoral Roll, and to contact Glenn, please click here.

Please see the church calendar for Zoom links Button


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Like all churches at the moment, we are struggling to make ends meet.  
We would like to continue to:
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  • run our children's and youth work 
  • develop our wider ministry to the town
  • support our mission partners.
  • repair and protect our beautiful church building
Without your continued support none of this would be possible.


Why not Light the Spire to celebrate a Birth, Anniversary, a Special occasion and in Memory of a loved one.
Send a few words which we will put in the weekly newsletter email and also add to our website on the "Light the Spire" page. 

For further details; contact the office

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We invite you to join us for prayer

Keep in touch with God and with each other     No-one needs to feel alone or isolated

We meet for prayer by Zoom every weekday morning at 8.50am   weekday daily prayer by zoom

Simple Prayers that we will use  Simple Prayer Download

Email Revd Anne for your Prayer Request  

Church of England national Daily Prayer  Church of England Daily prayer


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Parish Office Virtual Opening Times (online)

Mid-week  Phone:  01276 23602 

If you leave a message this will be answered as soon as possible

or Email anytime

Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms & all Pastoral needs 

Vicar,  Revd Pippa Ford

Phone 07814 847 436

Email Vicar - Revd Pippa Ford

Revd Anne Mitchell:    07770848276

Email Revd Anne Mitchell  

Charity Number: 1132852


Here is our Safeguarding Statement from 28 May 2020.  

The PCC of St Michael's is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community. Particular regard is given to the care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults.  We are fully committed to the protocols set by the Diocese. Diocesan Safeguarding Advice is available from:-Jackie Broadfoot on 07918 559387. For further information please see the Diocesan Safeguarding website.

Safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults is very important to us. You can read about our safeguarding policy (including contact details for our Safeguarding Officer) here  

Lone working policy  Click the link

Are you a survivor or victim of church related abuse? Could you help the Diocese of Guildford to learn from the past and protect the future?  Click the link

Our Safeguarding Officer is Hilary Turner, and she can be contacted on 07747301716  and at