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Please note that we are suggesting that people do not park under the cedar tree by the entrance to the church, where branches have recently fallen. We are awaiting a tree survey.

19th September 2021


Followers and Followed

   Week three: Designed to Follow

8:30am Common Worship

Holy Communion in Church

Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Preaching: Rev'd Pippa Ford


 Morning Service

with The Spring

in Church

Join us in church, or watch the livestream   
Leading Rev'd Anne Mitchell

Preaching: Rev'd Pippa Ford

Prayers : Manish Joshi

For anyone in church who would like prayer after the service, it will be available in the Hall

Pets Blessing Service  3pm 

Click on here for the link to : 8.50am Morning prayer - Monday to Friday 

Morning Prayer in Church on a Wednesday Morning at 9.00am


   Pippa Ponders 

previous pet show

I thought you might like to see this photo from many years ago when a Pet Service was held here at St Michael’s. I wonder whether the beady eyed amongst you might be able to spot two rather surprising visitors to that service? Don’t forget we have our Pet Show THIS Saturday 10-3pm and that’s followed by a Pet Service THIS Sunday at 3pm.


It really is my joy and privilege to lead St Michael’s. That is not just because I have been encouraged to hold a Pet Show by the church because of my passion of animals as I used to be a vet.  It is a responsibility to carry this church forwards whilst at the same time respecting all that has gone before, and the many vicars who have held this position before me.


I remember reading a book a few years ago in my training which was called ‘Hit the Ground Kneeling.’ An interesting title as the original phrase is ‘Hit the ground running!’

But actually kneeling, which signifies prayer, is the first and most important part of my week, of my days, and even my hour by hour.


On this exciting journey together at St Michael’s we must remember to soak everything we do in prayer. Some might prefer to do that kneeling, but actually it is not our physical posture that matters so much but the posture of our hearts. We also don’t pray in order to try and persuade God to do something, or even to manipulate a situation or other people.


We pray first and foremost because God loves us, he loved us first, whilst we were still standing with our backs turned to Him. And he longs for us to spend time with Him. Like a close friend, who we might call on the phone or on zoom and chat to – sharing our news and listening to theirs. That ultimately is what prayer is about – it is about relationship with God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So sometimes we might want to pray to God the Father – asking for his protection and reassurance of his love. Other times we might pray to Jesus, to thank Him for what He did for each one of us, and to lay down again those things that might get in between us. But I wonder how many of us pray to the Holy Spirit – after all, do we really know who He is?


The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead and He comes and dwells in each person who calls Jesus their Saviour. How amazing, God comes and lives inside of us. But then some might find that a bit off putting, does that mean I am not in control of my own life? The answer is yes and no at the same time


God gives us free will and so the choices we make are entirely ours to make. But we then find there might be consequences to some of those, if they were not great choices.  


But why did I also say yes? Well, as Christians with the Holy Spirit inside of us we can know the peace of God. Sometimes when we are considering doing or saying something we might lose that sense of peace and so realise that it might not be the best way forwards. That is the Holy Spirit giving us a gentle nudge to listen to His promptings.


So then we pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, guidance, direction and then listen to His nudging. But we can pray to Him about so much else – when we are tired He promises to refresh us - lifting us up on wings like eagles, when we are sad he promises to comfort us, when those around us are sick we can ask Him to heal them, and we can also pray for Him to fill us and them with joy.


I wonder which of these you need this coming week? Why don’t you try praying, and just ask God, the Holy Spirit to come and fill you with His peace and Joy. But watch out because as we pray like this he will raise our expectations of what he can do in and through us.


With love,



Pet Show

10am - 3pm on the Vicarage Lawn at St Michael’s, Yorktown, Camberley.

Classes for all sorts of animals – both large and small, including cuddly toys, person in best animal costume, and photos of pets if they are too nervous to come 
Judging by local vets and animal enthusiasts
Bring cash or bank card to buy tokens to spend on the day  
Use a token for the value of 50p per entry per class                                        
Use your tokens too for tea, squash, and cakes and the BBQ between 12-2pm
Free prayer available for owners and pets!
Let’s come together and celebrate how amazing our animal friends are! 
And there is a pet blessing service on Sunday 19th Sept at 3pm!
Come and join us for some fun – 10-3 on Saturday 18th September
 You don’t need a pet to come as you can come dressed as an animal, or bring an animal cuddly toy

 If you think your pet is too scared to come then do bring a photo of them 

 Dogs, cuddly toys and any large animals classes on the lawn:

11am-12pm - Best owner and pet lookalike, Scruffy but loveable dog, Best visitor animal costume, Waggiest tail, Best trained dog, Best set of legs – owner and dog, most unusual animal soft toy.

12-1pm - Best ears on a bunny, Most shiny skinned reptile, Longest whiskers on a cat, Cutest small furry animal, Most brightly coloured bird.

 1-2pm - Cuddliest soft toy, Most appealing eyes, Best cuddly dog, Best sit, Dog judge would most like to take home, Best pedigree, Best mixed breed.
 Cats and small animal, reptile etc classes in the Hall:

 There will be plenty of tea, cake and squash and a BBQ at lunchtime

 Gift bags for those bringing a dog or cat

 Bring cash or card to exchange for tokens to spend on entering classes and on refreshments

 Judging by local Vet Louise from Vets 4 Pets

 Let’s celebrate together how amazing our pets are.

 Then on SUNDAY 19th at 3pm come with your pet to the Pet Blessing Service in church.


Parking is available at the Church - behind the Church buildings follow the road round up the ramp to signs saying Church and Vicarage.

There is also additional parking at the Mosque next door to the church along the A30.

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Upcoming Dates for your Diaries
18th September - Pet Show and Garden Party
19th September - Pet Service 3pm 
Mother's Union is holding it's first meeting since March 2020.
Do join us for a cup of tea and a chat at 2pm in 
St Michael's Church Hall on Tuesday 14th September. 
We plan to get together again on 12th October at 2pm.
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Light the Spire

21st September 2021

We light the spire on this special day for: Mary Kearsley

'In loving memory of Mary Kearsley who passed away on the 21st September 2020.

Much missed by her family and friends.'

Why not Light the Spire to celebrate a Birth, Anniversary, or
a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.

Send a few words which we will put in the weekly newsletter email and also add to our website on the "Light the Spire" page. 

For further details; contact the office

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