St Michael's Camberley


Hello and a very warm welcome to our church.

      Growing Joy and Hope 

Come and join us, as we explore who God is, 

and how we can encounter and grow in Him.

April 2nd 2023

Palm Sunday

Barney Donkey

Come and meet Barney
Sermon Series:

7: Gift of a donkey 


Common Worship

Holy Communion 

Preaching: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford


 Morning All Age Service 

Leading: Daniel Wheeler
Preaching: Rev'd Pippa Ford
Prayers: Tori Burness-Smith


  Easter Services

6th April - Maundy Thursday 

Reflective Service  - 7.30pm

7th April - Good Friday All Age Service 10.30am

An hour at the cross - 2pm 

A time of prayer, silence and reflection

Easter Sunday

9th April - Come and welcome Easter Morning at our Sunrise service with breakfast at the vicarage - 6.15am

No breakfast between services - Coffee and tea will be served

9am - BCP Holy Communion Service

All Age Easter Sunday Service with Communion



There is a link below to the songs that we are using here at  St Michaels so you can listen to them and become familiar with them - just scan the photo when on Spotify and it will come up with the playlist!

We have set up a Spotify account for the worship group and congregation to help your worship and learning the songs we use at church. Here is a QR code to it:

Spotify QR Code

And a link:

8.50am Morning Prayer - Monday to Friday

Morning Prayer

Visit the Church Calendar on this website for the Zoom link for each dayWe are meeting to every 


in the Church Hall at 9.00am to follow the Lent course

Morning Prayer in Lent on zoom happens every other weekday morning
We will be following this booklet 

Copies will be available to collect at the back of Church if you are able please make a donation of £1.50 towards costs.

Pippa Ponders

Spring is definitely on the way. It is wonderful to see primroses, daffodils and trees in blossom.

I wonder whether, like me, you are excited when the clocks go forward and the nights become lighter, a promise of warmer and brighter days to come.

I have an amaryllis at the vicarage that I have had for about fifteen years. For the majority of the year the plant has large green leaves and nothing else. And then  in the Spring, just once a year, four amazing blooms come out – bright pink and enormous. For 11 months of the year it appears there is nothing going on and then there is this explosion of colour and beauty – abundant growth.


Our Christian journey can be a little like that – months and months, sometimes even years where we are waiting and praying and not much seems to be happening and then signs of new and abundant growth appear. This is starting to happen here at St Michael’s. In part because of the pandemic the church here had been declining in numbers and yet there was still a faithful core of people praying and waiting for God to bring new growth. By His grace, and through working hard to join in with what He is bubbling up amongst us, we are seeing amazing growth. This is not just in numbers, although we are seeing an increase in both adults and children, but more importantly a growth in faith. We had 6 testimonies in church yesterday of God at work in or through the lives of our church members – a real sign that His Holy Spirit is at work here.

 But we still need to pray and wait, to seek Him and to follow His guidance. Last night during the Waiting on God prayer time one of the images we had was of the blood of Jesus flowing around the church – bringing unity and washing us white as snow.  As we read in Isaiah 1: 18 “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” The cost to Jesus was beyond compare, but through His blood we are offered life in all it’s fullness, but we also have to keep short account with Him. The way to grow in Him both individually and as a church is to repent of the things we do and say that are not honouring of Jesus or of those around us, by turning back towards Him. Let’s continue to do this as we approach Holy Week, waiting with Him in prayer and repentance, expectant of the growth He will bring in us through that.

With Love


Rev'd Pippa Ford at St Michaels Church Camberley