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June 23rd 2024

Sermon Series: 

I love my Church Loving one another


Book of Common Prayer

Holy Communion

Preaching: Katina Carter
Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford



Morning Service 

with Holy Communion

 &The Spring

Leading: Hilary Turner

  Preaching: Katina Carter

Presiding: Rev'd Pippa Ford

Prayers: Elaine Pavey

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Sunday evenings 6pm - 7pm

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8.50am Morning Prayer - Monday to Friday

Morning Prayer

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Pippa Ponders

Yesterday we spent time exploring God’s Limitless Grace.

God’s grace to us is limitless – there is no depth it cannot reach and we cannot earn it. It is a free gift to us, but it cost Jesus everything.

G.R.A.C. E. God’s riches at Christ’s expense.  So what is grace and why does it bring us joy?


We looked at Ephesians 2: 1-10 both in the NIV version and the message translation. Do have a read of this passage in both of these translations and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the depth of God’s love and grace to you. The amazing fact about God’s grace to us is that whilst we were still dead in our sin, Christ died for us. There is also no scale of sin – sin is sin. In this dead state of sin we had no ability to approach God on our own, it all happens from God’s side.


Not only were we dead in sin before Jesus, we were also in slavery to the world, the flesh and the devil – the enemy. We often consider the first two but dismiss the third – but we need to acknowledge we are in a spiritual battle and that the enemy, even though he has been defeated, can still influence us.


Finally without being in Jesus we are under God’s wrath, as no one is holy – only Jesus. But in Jesus we are covered in His righteousness, forgiven and free. Salvation only comes by Him drawing us to Himself through grace, and then by faith we accept that Jesus died and rose again to life for us. It is all God’s gift to us.


This means that we cannot be saved by being a good person – something we often hear said at someone’s funeral. It is not about us being good, it is about being drawn into God’s arms of love and grace, and recognising from that place that we need a saviour. The only way to eternal life, and life in freedom in the here and now, is through Jesus. He declared  “I am the way, the truth and the life.”


Of course, as recipients of God’s grace that should change us as we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, enabling us to grow in Christlikeness. But we don’t do this by striving to be good – we do it by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.


Have you accepted the gift of God’s grace? Do you really know the freedom that Jesus offers to each one of us?

If not, it’s very simple, as God has been drawing you to this moment. Just ask Jesus to come into your life – I promise you it is a decision you will not regret.


                                                with love, 


Rev'd Pippa Ford, Vicar at St Michaels Church Camberley


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