Caring for the Environment

At the beginning of August ’21 we had the first meeting of the group called Eco Vision for St. Michael’s.

We had a list of objectives  briefly set out below and the Eco Church online questionnaire designed to search out our ability to make additions and improvements in the many areas in which we operate.

  • Renewable energy
  • Install automatic movement sensors to switch off lights
  • Solar panels
  • ASHP for heating/hot water 
  • Utilities
  • Green suppliers
  • Recycling
    • Introduce double-sided printing to reduce paper waste
    • Implement an e-waste policy to properly recycle everything
    • Donate old but still functioning electronic devices to charity
    • Promote the purchase of second hand furniture 
    • Change to A+++ electrical appliances
    • Insulation of windows and doors
    • Gardening, landscape and biodiversity
    • Grow our own flowers
    •   Introduce non-toxic cleaning products
    • Low-carbon transport
  • Clean water
    • Store rainwater from rooftops in tanks
    • Install water saving devices in toilets and tabs
    • A good sustainability project idea is to use rainwater to flush toilets 
  • Organic food

We have made progress in a number of the above.

 We have also completed the online form and the results are in graphical form below.

 We have provided our minutes of all of our meetings to date on this page.

 Chris Hine

Eco Awards

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