St Michael's Camberley

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Bruce's Page

I am married to Jane and have been a resident of Camberley since 1995.

I sang in a church choir as a boy and have always loved church music.  From the age of 18 I was a member of Pentecostal churches where I learned to worship God with all of my heart.

My first career was with Midland Bank where I finished as a manager in location planning and management information services.  I have brought with me a concern for strategic thinking about God's kingdom and how best the church can serve our present generation.

I love St Michael's and the contribution we have been making to the life of Camberley since 1851.  I have also really learned from my brothers and sisters in Churches Together and together we have sought to bless the life of the town.

Jane and I are members of the Community of Aidan and Hilda.  This is one of the new monastic orders that are seeking to learn spiritual lessons for today from the wisdom of past ages.