St Michael's Camberley

A Growing Community of Faith: Open for All

Sunday 10.30am

A service lasting around 70 minutes, in a more traditional style.  Our current pattern is outlined below. At every 10.30am service there is also a Sunday Club for school-aged children. For more information see our Children & Youth pages 

Morning Worship  (Held on the first Sunday of the month)

On the first Sunday of each month at 10.30am, a service that concentrates on the Word, giving an opportunity to explore an issue or topic in slightly more depth. The service is not informal, but there is room within the format to experiment or adjust what we do, as best fits the subject or occasion.

Parish Communion  (Held on the every Sunday except the first of the month)

A service of Holy Communion based on Common Worship, and led by our choir. Join a diverse group of people sharing in a journey to encounter God. The service will usually last for 70 minutes, and is followed by refreshments.

We cherish the richness of the liturgy that we have inherited but are also passionate about allowing the Holy Spirit lead and guide us in our encounter with God.  We are resting Liquid Church at the moment, but we are seeking to incorporate the lessons we have learned from the experiment.

What is Liquid Worship?

It is a flexible form of worship in which individuals are free to combine the different elements of worship into their own preferred journey.

We all gather at the start of the service for our opening praise, and then move to different worship zones as we wish. You decide which zones to visit and how long to stay.

Why did we do this?

    1. It will help us to be a ‘missionary church’, sharing the Good News with those who find ‘Traditional Church’ difficult
    2. Liquid Worship helps people who have different preferences to be catered for at the same time. As a worshipping community we can each find ways of encountering God that are right for us
    3. It breaks away from the model that says ‘one size fits all’ and gives individuals the freedom to worship as God’s Spirit leads them
    4. It provides a service where families can worship together, rather than being split off into different age streams, and where they can receive Communion together