We would encourage people to hold their services in Church, whenever possible. At Church there is no restriction on time and there will be room for as many as want to come. We have facilities for playing recorded music if that is desired. If there is to be a Cremation, the whole service can be held in Church, if that is what is preferred. We also conduct services at the Crematorium.

Whoever is taking the service will help you to plan it, so that it meets your family's needs. Someone will also keep in touch after the service.

Each year we hold a special service for all who are mourning. Invitations go to all who have had family funeral services in the previous year, but it is an opportunity for anyone to remember those who have died. The date of the 2022 service will be announced in due course. 

Our Churchyard is well maintained, with the generous support of Surrey Heath Borough Council.  Space is becoming limited, and we have now received permission to reuse graves from the 1930s.

We have an extensive database of burials, going back to the 1920’s. If we can help with enquiries, please email us.

For help and advice concerning any aspect of bereavement, please contact the Vicar.

For advice about gravestones and memorials, contact the Parish Office.

Church of England Website – A helpful site about bereavement and funerals