Giving and Legacies

Virtually all of the income of the church comes from regular giving by those who see themselves as members.  If you take part in the Gift Aid Scheme, then we can reclaim income tax from the government.

The easiest way to do this is by joining the Parish Giving Scheme which involves setting up a Direct Debit, and is easy, safe and convenient.  You can also request a set of personalised envelopes that you can put your weekly offering in.  In these ways your giving can be tracked in a way that is confidential but allows us to make the right submission to Inland Revenue.

How much people give is a matter of personal choice, after prayer and reflection.  Some like to use the biblical concept of the Tithe: ten per cent of income.  Others are in a position to give considerably more, or give less according to their personal circumstances.

Some are not able to give regularly but make provision for the work of God here at St Michael's in their will.  Much good has been done by the generosity of past members who have helped us in this way.

If you would like to know more or to join our Planned Giving Scheme, please contact Alan Blazey through the Parish Office currently on 01276 23602.