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Congratulations! We'd like to help you plan your very special Wedding.

There is a wealth of resources at the Church of England weddings site

You have the legal right to be married in the parish church where you live; so, to be automatically entitled to get married in St Michael’s, at least one of you must live in this area.

If you live outside the parish, it is still possible for you to be married here. If you regularly worship in our church as a signed-up member (Electoral Roll), or if your fulfil one one of the other criteria, you will be treated as if you are resident; details are available here. Alternatively, you may apply for special permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Faculty Office, or we could talk to you about obtaining a Common License or a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate. However we proceed, we would always want you to be in contact with the priest of the parish where you live.

The rules for all this have been set by Parliament, and were designed to ensure that everyone is treated fairly; we apologise if they seem unwieldy at times – we want to help you in any way we can with your wedding.

You could phone 01276 23602 or email us to fix an appointment to ask about your Wedding here. Other questions arise if either of you have been married before.

As part of what we offer, we will invite you to attend a Marriage Workshop, at which we will offer guidance about how to plan the special day, and make preparations for life afterwards. We will also help you to complete a Prepare/Enrich inventory, which is method of exploring marriage and relationships that millions have found helpful.

Email us telling us your phone number and where you live, and we'll talk through what happens next.